3 Things I Love about the iPhone 5S

When I bought the iPhone 5S, I must admit that this wasn’t an easy decision. I bought it because I had as a developer and for testing/debugging purposes. After spending nearly a weak with the phone I came to like it quite a lot. In fact, I found myself using it on a daily basis more than I used my previous Android phones.

In this article I want to share with you the three things I like the most about the iPhone 5S — at least for the short time I have it (3 days..).

Size and Handling

Playing Candy Crush on iPhone 5S
Easy on-hand operation, playing Candy Crush on iPhone 5S!

There are advantages and disadvantages for carrying a relatively small device with a small screen. Obviously it depends who you ask, but if you ask me,  I certainly prefer a phone with a large screen — larger or equal to 5 inch (aka phablet).  Everything about using a large just enhances the user experience whether you are browsing the web, playing games, watching videos or using different apps for various tasks.

Having said that, the iPhone 5S is more portable obviously and therefore easier for me to carry it in a small jacket pocket. It’s easier to operate with one hand without worrying about dropping the device. Using a relatively large protective case make it less awkward compare to using the same case on, let’s say.. the Samsung Galaxy S4. Furthermore, it feels more personal in my opinion, less like a “small computer” — which for some people it isn’t necessarily a negative thing.

For example, I enjoy playing Candy Crush in one hand vertically on the iPhone 5s than on my friend’s Galaxy S4.  I first thought that the iPhone 5S display will be too small, but you get used to it, and the screen is very sharp and readable, although some people with limited vision might find the text too small. You have the option to make the text larger, but obviously with a larger screen the text can be much larger, more readable and more information can be displayed on the screen at the same time.


I have to admit, I didn’t have any good mobile phone camera before the iPhone 5S. My Google Nexus One took pretty crappy pictures. When I first put my hands on the iPhone 5S it jsut WOWed me.  The camera is super responsive when it comes to burst shooting and general operation. However the autofocus is still a bit slow, and it’s more noticeable in low light.

The image quality is nothing but superb. Finally I have a high-quality point-and-shoot camera with me, one that goes with me wherever I go. I set up an online image backup service using Flickr, Copy and 500px and start experimenting with the different services. It’s great that you can take photos and they can be automatically backup online.

Here’s a un-touched full resolution image (3264×2448 pixels) shot at  1/1600 sec;   f/2.2;   ISO 32. The image was shot at very low ISO (think it’s the lowest) and in daylight and gives you a good  impressions of the capabilities of the camera. Noise is still visible when looking at 100%, but very small amount of noise. However image is very sharp, with great colors and the light metering sensor does a very good job as well.

Balcony view photo using iPhone 5S
Photo taken with the iPhone 5S in daylight (click to enlarge)


Playing Latest 3D Games

Playing Infinity Blade 3 on iPhone 5S
Playing Infinity Blade 3 on iPhone 5S

Everyone needs a free time from work to have fun, and I personally enjoy playing games, especially online social games. Having said that, I never had a chance to try out a high quality 3D game on a phone. I knew that the iPhone 5S is a very powerful device, and it was the first time that I was eager to install a high quality 3D game. I installed Infinity III and all I can say is -OMG!- this games looks like a console / PC game.. The graphics blew my mind.  The screen is a bit too tight for such a game, and obviously is would look better on the iPad, but really — this is a must install game if you want to check out the iPhone 5S graphics.

The games uses Anti aliasing and although I didn’t check out the frame rate, it was buttery smooth without any hiccups. I’ve installed it not because this is the kind of games I enjoy playing on a daily basis (although it’s very enjoyable), but because I wanted to check how a IQ 3D game looks on this phone.

On a daily basis I play games that have a very high playability like an online Poker game like Zynga Poker (love this game) and Real basketball. I still didn’t spend a lot of time browsing thought all the latest games, but I will certainly will spend time for that on the weekend.

All in all, I was amazed with the iPhone 5S performance, and that opens up a whole new gaming world that will certainly elevate and enhance your enjoyment with your new iPhone 5S device.

For me the iPhone 5S was a huge upgrade over previous phones. In the last year I was using the Samsung Galaxy Young, and therefore for me it was certainly a big upgrade.

What’s your opinion about the iPhone 5S camera, size and gaming performance, share your opinion in the comment section below. Thanks.

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