Apple Watch, What’s So Special About it?

For those of you who have lived under a rock in the past year, Apple Watch is Apple’s first attempt in the wearable market. It’s like a mini-computer that you can wear on your wrist and it does much more than just showing the time, obviously.

I stumbled upon the question why Apple has decided to release such a product. I’ve read that wearable technology is a $700 million industry, where millions of people use them during sport activities. Google alone is estimated to sell around 21 million units of its Google Glass device by the end of 2018. Consider the price of each unit, you can see why so many companies want to quickly lay their feet in this market and do this as quickly as possible. Late into this market, you might find you that you are way behind the competition and its hard to climb your way up.

Apple is fashionably late into this game. Unlike the iPhone which was a unique device like no other, the Apple Watch doesn’t bring anything revolutionary into this market. It does have its own unique appeal, no doubt about it with its beautiful prestigious design, innovative user interface,  a variety of sensors, new unique proprietary cable,a variety of thoughtfully designed bands, available in two sizes, stainless steel case, Sapphire crustal display and a tight integration with the iPhone.

Apple Watch

Let’s start by saying that no matter what Apple puts in it, not everyone like to hang around with a watch. Some people already have their favorite prestige watch and they don’t intend to wear two watches (although some do). So for some people, that device being a wristwatch is a deal-breaker just from the start. Everyone has the option to change watches and you can certainly have more than one watch and switch it during the day. But the thing is that if you buy an Apple Watch, you want it on you all the time, it suppose to be even more personal than the iPhone, and everyone who owns an iPhone takes it everywhere they go – It’s their phone!

The Apple Watch isn’t a phone. So unlike a phone that people don’t dare and want to leave at home, the Apple Watch doesn’t enjoy this passion. You can still communicate with others using your phone, you don’t need to have the Apple watch for this.

The Apple Watch was designed to complement your iPhone and offer some features that the iPhone doesn’t give you. This includes among others: a heartbeat monitor which is supported by many health-related apps,  make it easier and faster to view incoming notifications, messages and alerts (you don’t need to take it out of your pocket), “taptic” feedback, effortlessly communicated with others using ‘Digital touch’ and animated Emoji and quickly send voice messages, count calories spent during the day or during a workout, etc.

I think that the Apple Watch main benefit is for people who will take advantage of the iPhone fitness metrics and health tracking apps, and those who obviously have an iPhone.You can use the Apple Watch without the iPhone. You might ask yourself what happens if you forget the iPhone at home or at work?

Well, the iPhone can tell time, view complications (e.g. battery life), track your health and fitness without using the iPhone, play music using headphone or Bluetooth headsets,  read offline data like old emails, view photos stored on the watch, Apple Pay (but you’ll need to have the iPhone to make the first sync). But to be honest, the Apple Watch wasn’t designed to be a standalone device and I wouldn’t buy it without having an iPhone first, preferably an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

I was expecting Apple to come up with something more innovative, but I settled on the fact that the device is really tiny. This means that there are still not so many technologies developed to fit such a small device, but those will certainly emerge very fast.  Furthermore, there are many other smartwatches out there that offer better features like standalone voice (make and receive calls) and data communication, built-in GPS, have better battery life and are cheaper.

At the end of the day, like in the iPhone, it vastly depends on the amount of apps, the variety and value they give to the user.  Also ego as a big part of it, and many people will buy the Apple Watch because it’s an Apple product, and they won’t touch anything else, less alone if they already have an iPhone.

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