Battery Life – HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4

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I’ve read a few articles stating that HTC has improved battery life of the HTC One with the  firmware update, as well as the camera features. I think that with today’s high-end smartphones, battery life was never that important and many customers really pay attention to the battery life when reading the phone’s specs. We spent more time playing games, watching videos, running apps that take advantage of the Wi-Fi, NFC and GPS capabilities, and many of the high-end phones use a large display with higher resolution — all of those consume a lot of power from the battery. Luckily, the larger the device is, the larger the battery that can be used on the device. 

Let’s take a look at what we know about the battery life of both the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4.

 HTC OneSamsung Galaxy S4
Capcity2300 mAh2600 mAh
Standby Time 3G
(*up to)
WCDMA: 500 hours
CDMA: 496 hours
GSM: 479 hours
up to 370 hours
Talk Time 3G
(*up to)
WCDMA: 18 hours
CDMA: 19 hours
GSM: 27 hours test : 13:38 hours
expertreviews: 16.8 hours test: 13:53 hours
Music Play
(*up to)
?62 hours
Wireless ChargingNo wireless chargingYes
Web 9:58 hours (first in the list) 8:42 hours
Video 10:02 hours
expertreviews: 8:32 hours 10:16 hours
Data sourcegsmarena

The result are pretty close, except for web browsing and where we can see that the HTC One clearly takes the lead with 76 minutes difference.
Need a more powerful battery for your HTC One, have non-removable battery – so what can you do? – If you want and need more power to power up your HTC One, you can purchase mophie juice pack 2500 mAh battery pack, which according to the manufacturer will give you up to 100% extra power, doubles the battery life of the HTC One (you use both the original battery and Mophie’s).  Inside the mophie juice pack is a lithium polymer battery. Because the HTC One doesn’t have a removable battery, nor you can remove the back cover. the mophie juice is attached to the phone like a regular case and connects to the port at the bottom of the phone. You can find more information about it on Those battery cases are also available for iPhone 5, iPhon e4/4S, Samsung Galaxy S3, but from what I see on the web, it’s not available for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (yet). For $99 the HTC One Mophie battery pack doesn’t come cheap, but those who need more power will probably pay for it without thinking twice.

You can save battery life without buying expensive accessories. The best thing you can do is to disable NFC, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth if you don’t use it at the moment and/or lower the brightness of your display, turn of syncing and check emails manually, turn off mobile hotspot, turn off 3G if you don’t use it, turn off apps that run in the background ones that you don’t use, all will help you save battery power. The Samsung Galaxy S4 also has “Power Saving Mode” which automatically controls settings to maximize battery life on your device.

The good news about the Samsung Galaxy S4 is that it has a removable battery, so you can buy a second battery, and when the first once is out of power (or before), switch to the second battery. This is probably the preferred method. Many people don’t want to carry a bulky case to extend the battery, and prefer buying a cheaper and small removable battery instead. Some people see that non-removable battery as a deal breaker, and I can understand why.

We all know that the battery life degrades in time. People are afraid that in a year after they purchase the HTC One the battery would be much less effective and will start losing the ability to hold the charge. The afraid of being stuck with a dead battery, if not a dead battery, a battery with very poor performance — and what happens when you want to sell the HTC One on second hand websites?

The question that you might ask yourself is whether there is an option to send the HTC One to the phone lab to replace the battery? Does HTC Offer battery replacements?

I didn’t fund any official information from HTC regarding the option to replace the embedded rechargeable battery by the HTC. If you know anything about it, please comment below. I think that even if it’s possible, some people will stay away from the HTC One because of this. People don’t want to send their devices in order to replace the battery.

Another thins is wireless charging. The HTC One doesn’t support wireless charging.  I don’t know if that’s because of the aluminum chassis, or because of the battery placement (beneath the motherboard), people want to enjoy this feature. Samsung Galaxy S4 does support Qi Wireless charging and that’s a cool feature to have. It’s more convenient to charge the battery (put it on the pad and that’s it), reduce the risk of electric shock, restaurants and schools in the US already have wireless chargers embedded in tables so you can charge your device while eating launch for example.


What’s is your opinion, do you plan to get the HTC One even with its non-removable battery?

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