Buying a Case for my iPhone 5S – Otterbox Defender the Best?

When I bought my iPhone 5S I knew from the start that I am going to buy some type of case to protect it. I personally never used a protective case, even not a screen protector. That wasn’t that smart as my Google Nexus One phone was damages when it fell from two meters height and got cracked at the top.

From that point on I knew that although I am not doing and sports activities with my phone or take it to the beach, accidents can happen and it would be stupid not to spent a few dollars to protect my phone that I invested quite a lot of money on.

I was doing a lot of research, read a few reviews and see what customers recommend on and on other eCommerce websites and blog comments. It seems that the Otterbox Defender for the iPhone 5S (the latest version that was released in 2013) is the most recommended one.  Other recommended cases for the iPhone 5S were Lifeproof Fre and Spigen Tough Armor case.

Worth mentioning that there are many stylish cases for the iPhone 5S, but I was searching for a rather more durable protection for my iPhone 5S, and cared less about the style. I’ve read many comments from people that didn’t want to use the Otterbox Defender regardless of its excellent protection because it hides the beautiful design of the iPhone 5S. After all, wide hide his beautiful design — and it is a beautiful smartphone.

I’ve read many positive and negative opinions about the Otterbox Defener, and as I speak, the case arrived in the post office and I will have it tomorrow and share my experience with you. My worries about the Otterbox Defender for iPhone 5S/5 (2013 version) is that it has a circular hole where the fingerprint sensor is. This is different from the previous model that had a rubber pressable cover that further protects this area from dust. So I was worried that dust will get in this area and penetrate the phone and can scratch the surface of the phone and the screen.

I’ve read a few comments from people that experienced the same thing, and spotted scratches after putting their iPhone 5S inside the Otterbox Defender. Othe people say that their phone is well protected and not scratches whatsoever. Of course, like many other people probably, I didn’t want to take my change and experiments with my new iPhone, just to find out that they were right. I bought a thin screen protecting cover (Sling High Definition Matte finish) to at least make sure that the screen doesn’t get any scratches.

The problem with that is that according to some people, making the iPhone 5S Seven slightly thicker can prevent the phone from being locked in the Otterbox Defender case.  On the other hand, I’ve read comments from people that didn’t have an issue putting a screen protector on both the front and rear and put the iPhone 5S inside the OtterBox Defender case.  I personally recommend putting a front screen protector, as you can always take it out if it doesn’t fit.

I will try it out tomorrow and tell you how it worked out. Other people even took the screen out using a sharp knife and prefer using the Otterbox Defender without it, although the screen is not modular and you can’t get it back once you remove it. I personally don’t want to mass with that, but it worked for some people so it seems.

The Otterbox Defender offers great protection for your iPhone 5S. you can see that drop / torture test using the iPhone 5S and Otterbox Defender to comprehend how good this case it for protecting your investment.

Amazing isn’t it? — As long as you don’t have a problem with the added bulkiness (which isn’t that bad in my opinion), you get a superb protection for your iPhone 5S.

Why protect your iPhone 5S?

You might ask yourself why somebody will invest in a case that makes the phone more bulky. In most part, people buy such cases in order to protect their phone against dust, scratches and drops. Not everyone wants to pay for an insurance, although it’s a good solution against thefts.

Others just want to make sure that their phone looks the same as they receive it in a new conditions when they sell it, in order to get a good price to upgrade to a newer model. You can see that second-hand websites are full of older models as a new and even before a new phone is speculated to be released by Apple. Although in my experience, many people are waiting for the announcement before making a decision whether to buy a second-hand or buy a the new model.

Some people work in harsh weather environments or in areas where there are lots of particles in the air and in places that are not ideal for such a delicate device. Some cases are waterproof too, and all in all they give a good overall protection to your phone and protect it from being damaged in daily use.

Good iPhone 5S Cases Aren’t Cheap

The Otterbox Defender case isn’t cheap, but isn’t too expensive either. There are many cases that cost less than $10, but they are much less durable and won’t give you a high degree of protection compare to the leading products on the market.

If you already spent a lot of money to get a high-end smartphone, it shouldn’t prevent you to get a good protective case for around $30-$50. The price for fixing a broken iPhone 5S will cost you much more.

Questions About the Otterbox Defender

I was still left with many question about the Otterbox defender, and for many of them I still wasn’t able to find answers, at least not official ones.

  • Is it recommended  to charge my iPhone outside the Otterbox case?
  • Even if the iPhone 5S fits the Otterbox case with a screen protector, can it hurt the screen in some way?
  • When playing games the iPhone 5S gets a bit hot, should I play with it without the case?
  • Is there any way to further prevent dust particles to get inside the case?
  • How can I spot a fake Otterbox defender? (Update: found an answer here)

I am probably a bit paranoid, and I think that the Otterbox Defender will offer an excellent protection for my iPhone 5S — although I still a but worried about the phone getting hot inside the case, especially when it is being charged. If you have an answer for that, please drop a comment in the comments section below.

I will get the Otterbox Defender tomorrow and will check it out and report my experience and write a short review. I think that many people can’t be wrong and overall it’s one of the most recommended durable cases on the market right now, so how bad can it be, if at all?

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