iPhone 5S 120 fps Slow-mo HD Video Test

Yesterday I went to a vegetarian market to hang out and find some nice things to shoot. It was also a good time to test the iPhone 5S slow motion video recording feature. I found a little place where a guy was making instant ice cream and I thought it was a nice scene to capture in slow motion.

The iPhone 5S can shoot slow-mo videos at 120 fps (Frames per second) and in HD resolution (also referred to as 720p).  I was always fascinated with slow motion videos and see this feature as a superb way for doing some crazy creative stuff.  I saw many digital cameras and mobile phones with slow-mo videos, but the videos were in relatively low resolution and that put me off.

In the next video you can see a guy making me an instant ice cream. The Ice cream is made using a liquid on a very cold (I think minus 40 degree Celsius) plate,which turns the sweetened liquid almost instantly to a solid form. I used video editing to combine both 30 fps and 120 fps in the same video, so it would better demonstrate the difference between those two frame rates.

Amazing isn’t it, and the video quality as you can see is excellent. After seing the video on my home computer, I know that I will be shooting many more slow-mo videos with my iPhone 5S from now on.

Have questions about the iPhone 5S slow-mo feature? — leave me a question in the comment section below, and I will do my best to answer as soon as I can. Thanks and please share.

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  1. Hello,
    Does Motorola DROID RAZR also carry 120 fps camera and it works the same way as you mentioned above?


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