Camera Lens and Sensor Specs Explained

There are so many smartphone on the market, almost each one has its own unique camera. Let’s admit it, we all want to have the best camera. But what is exactly the best camera and what we need to look for when reading the specs? In this guide I want to answer this question in-depth by talking about two of the most important camera parts: the Sensor and the Lens. After you finish reading this guide, you’ll have a better understanding of what each spec means and what to look for when buying a new smartphone. (more…)

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Overexposure (Blown Highlights), an Issue? (compared to iPhone 5S)

In this article I want to talk about the Samsung Galaxy S4 and its overexposure issue that some reviewers (including me) have camera across — if it’s an issue at all. A few days ago I went out to shoot with both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S camera phones. I had a chance to see and analyze their differences in terms of image quality, AF performance, UI, video quality, etc. (more…)

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iPhone 5S Sample Images and Image Quality Analysis

I bought my iPhone 5S two weeks a go and have plenty of time to play with it and explore its camera features. Coming from DSLR makes the iPhone 5S feels very limited in terms of its camera functionality and handling, but nothing beats portability I have to tell you.

I’ve spent a few days taking photos with my iPhone 5S in both low-light and daylight and find the 5S to perform incredibly well in daylight, but also pretty good in low-light. I mean considering the fact that the iPhone 5S features a 1/3″ sensor and 8MP resolution, this is quite an impressive stuff. (more…)

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3 Things I Love about the iPhone 5S

When I bought the iPhone 5S, I must admit that this wasn’t an easy decision. I bought it because I had as a developer and for testing/debugging purposes. After spending nearly a weak with the phone I came to like it quite a lot. In fact, I found myself using it on a daily basis more than I used my previous Android phones.

In this article I want to share with you the three things I like the most about the iPhone 5S — at least for the short time I have it (3 days..). (more…)

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Is my Otterbox Defender Case Fake or Real?

A few days ago I ordered an Otterbox Defender case for the iPhone 5S. I did not through or through the official distributors, which is the safe way to make sure that you buy an original authentic Otterbox product. I am getting my Otterbox Defender tomorrow, but like many other people who probably ordered it through eBay, Third party dealers on Amazon and other online eCommerce website — You probably want to know how to spot whether your new Otterbox Defender case is Counterfeit or a genuine product. (more…)

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Buying a Case for my iPhone 5S – Otterbox Defender the Best?

When I bought my iPhone 5S I knew from the start that I am going to buy some type of case to protect it. I personally never used a protective case, even not a screen protector. That wasn’t that smart as my Google Nexus One phone was damages when it fell from two meters height and got cracked at the top.

From that point on I knew that although I am not doing and sports activities with my phone or take it to the beach, accidents can happen and it would be stupid not to spent a few dollars to protect my phone that I invested quite a lot of money on. (more…)

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