Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus (GT-I9105P) vs Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100) – Differences and Benchmark Comparison

You already know that the Samsung Galaxy S II Plus is a newer device, announced on January 10, 2013, the S II was announced February 13, 2011– but what are the differences between the two devices?, we are here to find out. Just note that I am comparing the Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 model (Interntional model), not the S II T989 model for T-Mobile.

I won’t irk with with all the common features, just those that are different between the two phones, so here we go..

Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus and S2 side by side
Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus and S2 side by side size comparison (via
 S2 I9100S2 Plus I9105side notes
AnnouncedFebruary 13, 2011January 10, 2013700 days difference, 1 year and 11 months. The S2 Plus is the newer device
PlatformAndroid 2.3.3 (upgradable to 4.1.2 Jelly Bean (Nature UX UI)Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
Nature UX UI
On February 14th 2013, Samsung start pushing its Android 4.1.2 to its Galaxy S II devices. You can update your device either from Samsung KIEs or via OTA. So in practice both phones run on Android v4.1.2
New features on the 4.1.2: Better stability and battery performance, Improved user interface, TouchWiz Nature UX, more camera features, Direct Call, smart Stay, Pop-up play, 2 home screen modes, improved notification bar, Google Now, Samsung Galaxy S Cloud services
Battery Life1650mAh

Talk time: up to 20 Hr (2G), 10 Hr (3G)

Standby: up to 680 Hr (2G), 420 Hr (3G)

Talk Time: up to 16hrs (2G), 8hrs (3G)

Standby Time: up to 350Hr (2G), 320Hr (3G)
Talking and standby time is higher on the S2 model in the official product page, but according to the S II Plus talk time stands on 11:06 hours, the S II has 8:35 hours. Web browsing, S II Plus 6:40 hours vs 4:24 hours. In video playback, Galaxy S II plus 10:00 hours vs 8:00 hours. Maybe I missed something here, but the S2 Plus does much better here.
System ChipSamsung Exynos 4210Broadcom BCM28155The S2 plus uses a different GPU.

The S2 plus performed better in many benchmarks, including Benchmark Pi (409 vs 452, lower is better), Quadrant (3542 vs 3052, higher is better)., SunSpider (1460 vs 1849, lower is better) and BrowserMark 2. However, in GLBenchmark 2.5 Egypt (1080p offscreen) the S II performed better than the SII plus (11 vs 13 fps).

In AnTuTu benchmark the S2 Plus scored 9024 far behind the 16,301 of the SIII and 17,531 of the Note 2 and even lower than the SII's 10166 score.

It's still a mid-range performer overall. 3D performance is expected to be less than the S2.

source , also see video below
ProcessorDual core, 1200 MHz, ARM Cortex-A9Dual core, 1200 MHz, ARM Cortex-A9
GPUARM Mali-400VideoCore-IV
Screen ProtectionGorilla Glass (1st generation)N/AThe 'Plus' model doesn't come with Gorilla Glass. It's not written even in the specs. Some sites do report the S2 Plus having Gorilla Glass. I stick with the official specs, but correct me if I am wrong
Built-in Storage16GB/32GB

+ microSDHC™ card (up to 32GB)

+ microSDHC™ card (up to 32GB)
SII Plus comes with much less built-in storage
NFCOptional (read thisYes (I9105P model only)Make sure that the Galaxy S II Plus has NFC in your country. According to the official specs, the I9105P comes with NFC). S2 (some models) need to manually enable it, but your S2 phone need to be running Jelly Bean.


GLONASS is not supported on the Galaxy S2
Bluetoothv3.0 + HS (A2DP / AVRCP)v4.0 + HS (A2DP / AVRCP)SII Plus uses a next generation Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Version 4 adds Low energy (LR), aggregate data from various sensors, improved power consumption and data rate. There are some accessories that will only work with BT 4.0.

I must say that I was expecting a bigger difference between the two. It seems like Samsung is just trying to make the S2 fresh compare to other mid-range devices on the market. Why not take a very successful device and make it better. This device probably cost much less to advertise, the device name speaks for itself.  Some people expected that the SGS2+ would be a much better device, but it seems that the difference are minor. You get much better batter life (must be related to the lower power consumption of the CPU), overall improved performance (but not in 3D games), NFC, GLONASS compatible GPS, Bluetooth v4.0 and Android 4.1.2.  Although I need to triple check the Gorilla glass, it’s has the same display, camera and roughly the same external design (roughly).

On the other hand, you can buy the S2 for a lower price and it comes with bigger internal storage quotas than the S2 Plus. I probably won’t be the one to upgrade from the S2 to the S2 Plus, it doesn’t seem to be worth it. we already have the S3 mini and S3, and I personally think that it was easy for Samsung to just refresh its old device and grab some more Knuckles. Both phones will probably get Android 4.2.2 by the end of the year.

A few interesting videos I found on YouTube with AnTuTu Benchmark:

From the video (both run the same Android 4.1.2 OS version):

  • S2+ better color calibration (better whites)
  • A bit snappier user interface
  • AnTuTu benchmarks (vs  3.1.1):
    CPU: 3122
    RAM: 1341
    GPU: 5013
    I/O: 690
    TOTAL: 10166
    S2 Plus
    CPU: 3093
    RAM: 1108
    GPU: 3970
    I/O: 853
    TOTAL: 9024

According to the Antutu benchmark done by Adeian in his video, we can see that the S2 actually performed better than the S2, except the I/O benchmark. I was actually quite surprised to see those results. I hoped that Samsung would release an updated model with a more powerful GPU, but as we can see it isn’t the case. I think that the target audience do care about gaming performance and it’s petty to see that the S2 Plus doesn’t cope with the S2 in 3D performance.

What’s your opinion, would you buy the S2 or S2 Plus? (or neither)

15 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus (GT-I9105P) vs Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100) – Differences and Benchmark Comparison

  1. I bought this phone via a website which claimed in the specs that this phone has indeed been provided with GorillaGlass. Some websites report it not to have GorillaGlass, and some say the S2+ does have it. I’m confused now.

    1. According to corning corporation’s official website galaxy s2 plus,note2 & s4 mini have gorilla glass protection. But Samsung not listed it in their official website.

  2. I think that the glass protection data should be provided with the specs by default, same like screen size and resolution, but apparently this is not the case.

  3. I don’t know if there is a gorilla glass or not on the S2+, but mine broke after 6 hours of use, in a bag.
    I can’t advice somebody to buy a S2+…

  4. Ok I would like to ask if anyone can help me clarify this question.

    First of all. We know the Original S2 is 0.85 mm thick (i9100).
    But with the release of the S2 Plus I am confused..

    Regardless of NFC versions or not, there seems to be two different versions of the S2 Plus 2 model:

    1. S2 Plus which is called i9105 and it’s supposed to be 0.85 mm thick like the Original S2 i9100.

    and the other version is called:
    2. S2 Plus i9105P !! which is supposed to be THICKER than the other S2 plus and S2 original. It is said to be 0.89 mm thick, so a Little thicker and therefore NOT suitable for any normal S2 accesories like cases, and extra batteries..

    Can someone confirm this? In my region there is ONLy the i9105P model available, so I cannot use my old S2 case and spare batteries for this.. !! ??


  5. well i didnt know that samsung has released this model … i usually go to the mall like once a week and checking samsung store and i do not see it available there.. well i just got my s2 a used one updated tho [ 190$ ]… its fun and i am loving it… its just like a samsung s3 or someting…

  6. Can anyone tell me if the parts for S2 like replacement screen, back case etc. are the same as for S2plus…? Thanks…

  7. I have a GS2+, dropped it 5 timez, 2 times on asphalt with the screen on it, and nothing really happend 😀

  8. Lcd is the same size n fits also but is not function the same s2 lcs o s2+ has difference 1cm on points on touch screen

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