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Samsung Galaxy S7 High ISO Sample Images (Off-screen)

Today I went to the Catalunia in Barcelona and in the middle of the square was a Samsung Gear VR 4D Theatre Booth. Anyways, there were some Galaxy S7 phone so I just skipped the Gear VR thing and ran straight to the S7 phones. I was also tried the S7 in an event held close by. In this post I want to share with you my overall impressions shooting at high ISO with the Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 edge.

I played with the S7 camera app quite a lot, and what I ever I tried, I couldn’t shoot above ISO 800. I tried looking at the phone and camera app settings. I tried dragging to the left, to the right, nothing; the highest I could go was 800. The ISO range starts at 100 and ends at 800.

Galaxy S7 ISO range
Galaxy S7 ISO settings in the camera app

Anyways, I tried to shoot with ISO 800 to see how good the sensor handles noise. Here’s the first sample image that I shot with the Galaxy S7 with a 100% closeup. Keep in mind that these S7 sample images were taken with pre-production models and are off-screen. The image quality might be different than what you seen here when the phone is officially released.

Galaxy S7 high ISO 800 sample image offscreen
ISO 800 from the Galaxy S7 (off-screen, pre-production model)

The image quality was very good in low to mid-scale, but as you get close to full scale, you can certainly notice the noise all over the image, especially in the shadows and mid-tones.

Here is another image showing a high contrast text at ISO 800, again off-screen capture.

High ISO 800 Galaxy S7 off-screen sample image
High-contrast small details / text ISO 800 sample image (offscreen)

To better comprehend how good the Samsung Galaxy S7 high ISO performance is we need to compare it to the S6 and other phones. The image quality was excellent. At lower ISO the image was very sharp, vivid and full of life, which I assume it looked more vivid because of the gorgeous AMOLED display. When you look at a the image half of the original size you can’t notice any noise. It becomes visible as you zoom towards 100%.

You can read more of my early impressions with the S7 camera. I will provide you with more updated information when it becomes available to me. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to LIKE and share this article if you like it.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge on shelf

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