Selective Focus Shooting Mode – Samsung Galaxy S7


The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a shooting mode called Selective Focus. In that mode you need to focus on an object which less than 50cm away from the phone and take the camera button to capture the shot. 

Selective Focus shooting mode, Samsung Galaxy S7 camera app
Selective Focus shooting mode,using the Samsung Galaxy S7 camera app

The reason the phone asks you to focus on a close subject is because the phone take two sequential images, one with the focus aimed at the object you focused on, and the second one further away. I first didn’t know it works exactly, but when I tried it with moving subjects in the background, I’ve noticed movement in when I shift the focus from ‘Near Focus’ to ‘Far Focus’.

So what this feature does, is it allows you to change the focus after you’ve taken the shot.  I think it works like Focus bracketing, but it hides the complexity. It’s pretty neat feature because it allows you to correct the focus in case your missed focus.

Here’s a short video showing the Selective Focus shooting mode in action.

This is one of the several Samsung Galaxy S7 camera app features.. I’ll will share more in the upcoming days, so stay tuned.

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