Should you Switch from Android Phone to Nokia Lumia 1020 Just because of the Camera?

Woman taking photo of the Lumia 1020 using a DSLR camera
Maybe in the future this woman would take a photo of a DSLR camera with its Nokia Lumia 1020 Smartphone? mmm…

Let’s admit it, the Nokia Lumia 1020 as a flagship device isn’t as fast as the leading flagship models from HTC and Samsung, not it has a 5-inch display. Some people might question the ability of the Nokia Lumia 1020 to compete against Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

I have to be forthcoming here, I really want Nokia to succeed and stay in the mobile phone business, I really do. At the same time, we can’t ignore its current positioning in the market and the fact that Nokia has decided to focus on Windows Phone 8 rather than releasing its phone with Android OS.  I personally like the fact that Nokia didn’t  go with Android, because it opens this market to more competition.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is the most impressive mobile phones on the market in my opinion when it boiled down to its camera features. There are few things that I love about this device, including its beautiful stylish timeless design, innovative camera for photos and videos, gorgeous Super-sensitive  AMOLED display and Windows Phone 8 OS.

I can imagine that there are already many people who plan to switch to the Lumia 1020 from Android.  The question that you might ask yourself is whether this camera technology worth it?. There are many people who don’t really care about having the fastest quad-core processor, nor they care about gimmicky features, built-in amplifier and advanced loudspeakers. If you love taking pictures and that’s what you usually do with your Smartphone, the Lumia 1020 might be The PERFECT camera phone for you.

I’ve been using many Android devices, all those updated did nothing to enhance my experience with the phone. I didn’t play the latest 3D HD games and therefore I didn’t really need the a super fast Smartphone.  I personally don’t like carrying around a 5-inch (or larger) phablet, I prefer a relatively more compact design. Having said that, I did play a few graphic-intensive games but didn’t find any problems playing those on my Samsung Galaxy S3 mini.

For me, the Nokia Lumia 1020 is the perfect phone. I love taking pictures, and that’s probably the thing that I enjoy doing most. I love sharing photos, apply special effects, record HD videos and upload to YouTube, this what I enjoy doing.  Having more CPU cores won’t help me enjoy the phone more. A year later, those high-end Smartphone would look like old phones compared to the new ones that will be introduces a year after. This is a never ending race and I doubt that many people should join that race and upgrade to a new phone every year.

If you buy the Nokia Lumia 1020 phone or any other Windows 8 Smartphone for that matter, you need to give up on some features and OS is still far away from being as polished as Android, even with its modern UI. Windows 8 lacks of application – you have around 160,000 apps available for Windows Phone and over 800,00 for the Android platform (see this chart). I think that for most people this shouldn’t pose an issue, after all, how many apps do you really install on your device? — If you own a Windows Phone, you probably realized that the issue is not with the number of apps, but rather the availability of popular apps that are available for Android and not for the Windows Phone platform. However, that’s about to change and is continually changing with new apps ported to the WP8 platform.

Furthermore, Microsoft intends to release a major update to WP8 fix bugs and offer many improvements, including improved multitasking, notification center and changes to the built-in apps. That of course takes time, and that’s a luxury that Microsoft cannot afford. It’s already far behind the competition, and the choice to completely redesign the operating system allows Google to conquer the market by storm.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 brings a breath of fresh air to the mobile phone industry. Even after all the devices that Samsung has released this year (you just can’t count them with two hands), Lumia 1020 still looks like a fresh and innovative product. The 808 PureView was a great and still is a great product, and you can still find many reviews comparing this phone to other modern phones. This just tells us how innovative the 808 PureView is, even with its Symbian operating system. Many people care more about the camera than just the OS. This is a fact, because if not, nobody even think about buying the 808 PureView nor any of the Nokia Lumia phones.

So you can see that the camera is a very important component in the success of Nokia’s devices, and that’s why Nokia put a lot of time and effort to improve the camera technology – It must offer unique features in order to be competitive and attract new buyers. Most of the thing that we share our photos. There are more phone-based apps than any other apps.  The thing that we do most with our phone other than logging to Facebook or talking on the phone is taking pictures.  Many people discover what it is like to be creative for the first time – many of them didn’t have the option to discover it before. It seems that there is a photographer inside everyone of us, and there is something magical about a person holding a camera. We all love to capture moments and share them with others, and the camera helps us do that.

I personally would switch from my Samsung Galaxy S3 mini to the Nokia Lumia 1020 without thinking twice.   I personally was sold to Nokia when Nokia first introduced the 808 PureView on February 27, 2012. I am a big fan of Nokia and believe in this innovative company.  Windows Phone 8 will catch up with Android, but it will take some time. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a great Smartphone, with an amazing camera, and enjoy the things you love doing best right NOW, not tomorrow. The Nokia Lumia 1020 camera will help you capture better photos and be much more creative. I think it’s worth switching for, you of course might decide otherwise.

So should you switch from Android PHone to Nokia 1020 just because of the camera? – as you can see, there might various variables in that equation, and you are the one to make that decision based on your specific needs. Having said that, the Nokia Lumia 1020 camera will certainly make a few Android users and photo enthusiasts to  think twice before upgrading to a newer Android device.

Agree or disagree? – Please post your opinion in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “Should you Switch from Android Phone to Nokia Lumia 1020 Just because of the Camera?

  1. I just ordered Nokia Lumia 1020. Im using iphone 4s. I noticed i did not use ios apps anymore. Im using only some popular apps like facebook, photo editor etc. When i want to play games, I played it on my ipad mini. The one im always using is the iphone’s camera but it has many weakness especially at low light shots (LED flash does not support focusing). After reading 1020 reviews and actually testing it on Microsoft store, I decided to have one! Perfect size in my hands and pocket.

  2. I agree with Patrick, I use cell for calling, txt, and camera,sometimes games (rarely). And I also agree with this “Should you Switch from Android Phone to Nokia Lumia 1020” topic. Plainly: I won’t buy 1020 Lumia, unless it runs on Andorid.

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